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“Covert” Green Laser Pointer 50mW – 100mW

## Unleash the Power of the “Covert” Green Laser Pointer

The “Covert” Green Laser Pointer, available in 50mW and 100mW outputs, offers unparalleled performance in a compact, portable design. Its high-quality diode structure ensures exceptional beam stability, making it one of the most sought-after green lasers in the market.

This versatile laser pointer features a compact size (180mm x 40mm), making it ideal for presentations, stargazing, and astronomy. Its durable black polished metal body and exceptional battery life (120 minutes) ensure reliable operation in various applications. The included battery and charger provide convenient charging, while the one-year warranty offers peace of mind.

The “Covert” Green Laser Pointer emits a powerful beam at 532nm wavelength, delivering a beam range of over 2000M. Its 1.5mRad beam divergence and 2.0mm beam diameter allow for precise targeting. The push-button constant on/off switch provides ease of use, and the 100-second on, 30-second off duty cycle extends the laser’s lifespan, rated for approximately 5,000 hours.

Explore the world of and discover the unparalleled performance of the “Covert” Green Laser Pointer. Order yours today from for reliable and powerful laser illumination.

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