26.5mm x 148mm

## Laser 303: The Ultimate High-Power Blue Laser Pointer

Introducing the Laser 303, a revolutionary device that combines power, versatility, and durability. With an astounding output of 2000mW and a wavelength of 445nm, this blue laser pointer emits a highly visible beam that can reach distances of up to 12,000 meters. Its exceptional range makes it ideal for long-distance signaling, astronomy observations, presentations, and countless other applications.

The Laser 303 boasts an aviation aluminum construction, ensuring robust and long-lasting use. Its sleek and ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip for prolonged operation. The adjustable focus and brightness allow users to customize the beam intensity and spread to meet specific requirements. Moreover, the included protective glasses safeguard the eyes from potential harm while using this high-power laser.

Key Features:
– Class 4, 2000mW blue laser pointer
– Transmission distance of 10,000 – 12,000m
– Adjustable focus and brightness
– 5 interchangeable laser head caps for various patterns
– Rechargeable 18650 battery with a long runtime
– Durable aviation aluminum construction
– Protective glasses included
– 1-year warranty

For outdoor enthusiasts, the Laser 303 offers exceptional versatility. Its powerful beam can ignite fires, pop balloons, and even ward off animals. Photographers and astronomy buffs can utilize it for precise beam targeting and precise night photography. With its high quality and reliability, the Laser 303 is the ultimate choice for professionals and hobbyists alike.

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