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“Flash” 100mW Green Laser Pointer

The Ultimate Laser Experience: Introducing the “Flash” 100mW Green Laser Pointer

Prepare to witness the pinnacle of laser technology with the “Flash” 100mW Pointer. Developed by industry-leading experts at, this exceptional device empowers you with unmatched accuracy and performance. Its true 532nm green laser system delivers an intense and vibrant beam that will captivate your attention.

Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, the “Flash” features a sturdy and ergonomic design. The focusable beam allows you to adjust its intensity, enabling precise pinpoint accuracy for various applications. For added safety, a keyswitch ensures responsible use. Its impressive output power of 100mW illuminates targets with unparalleled brightness. The included lanyard, battery, and charger provide convenient portability and extended usage.

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